“Julia is by far the most openminded and nonjudgemental person that I have met. She has a relaxing and calming presence, which makes it easy to talk to her. There’s no one I’d rather trust with my deepest secrets. I’ve made more progress in my personal development journey by working with Julia than I’ve done in the last ten years from working with several professional therapists.”

– Martin M., Stockholm, Sweden

“It certainly doesn’t hurt that she has a sort of graceful radiance that puts you at ease, and the kind of grounded wisdom that makes whatever words that pass just another part of the healing…”

– Alex G., Sebastopol, CA

“I received a session from Julia a week ago. I really appreciated her perspective and ability to target areas that have been affecting me. I have since been experiencing a shift into well-being that I have been wanting for some time.”

– Gary W., San Rafael, CA

“Julia is an intuitive listener who sets an amazing place to tune out your monkey mind and receive some much-needed healing for the mind and body. I’d recommend her in a heartbeat.”

– Erica P., Oakland, CA

“It felt amazing to be seen and appreciated for my accomplishments in life. Once I got my confidence back, it changed my dating life completely!”

– Mike G., Phoenix, AZ

“Julia has offered some new techniques and exercises that helped to ease my anxiety, and a clarity has entered in that everything is going to okay, that I know what to do and that I have the power to make choices.”

– Adrienne K., Mill Valley, CA

“I’ve been watching porn since I was in high school. I thought I was never going to be able to stop or be free of the hold it had on me. Now I am able to watch some and stop when I want to because I am clear about my values and what I want to do with my life and my limited time every day.”

– Paul V., Sausalito, CA

“I feel such a sense of peace and safety with Coach Julia. I never knew I could be so open with someone. I have learned that my desires are completely ok and I can safely be in a sub relationship with a Dominant. I didn’t know what I didn’t know until I met Julia! She has helped me tremendously.”

– B.B., Charleston, South Carolina


Sharing Your Secret Desires!

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