Frequently Asked Questions

I've never talked to anyone about my struggles. What do I do?

Getting started can be the hardest part. Know that you are not alone. We can start with a non-judgmental and no obligation consultation where you can ask me or tell me anything.

What happens during a session?

You do most of the talking. I will offer resources and new skills that support the changes you are making. We might explore role play and other creative activities. We both stay clothed during our sessions.

How can sexuality coaching help me?

You finally get to freely talk, without fear of judgement, about the things that have been bothering you. You also get answers, resources and information that help you achieve the sex life you long for.

How do you measure progress and success in sexuality coaching?

In our first session, we get a baseline measurement of how you currently rate different aspects of your life and what you would like to be experiencing. As we work together, we check in and see how that is improving.

What are your ethical guidelines as a sexuality coach?

I am certified as a Sex Coach and Consultant through the Sexual Health Alliance, which adheres to the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT) Code of Conduct and Ethics.

How do you ensure confidentiality and privacy in our sessions?

I never discuss anything we talk about unless I have your permission to do so. Any notes I take are kept locked and password protected.

What is your coaching approach and philosophy?

My approach is focusing on what's right with you and what you want to have in your sex life. My philosophy is that every person gets to decide what's right and in alignment for them.

Do you offer online or in-person coaching sessions?

I offer both. We can meet over video call or in person in Sausalito, CA.

How often will we have sessions?

We will meet weekly or every other week for 1 hour. I am also available on email or for 15 minute phone calls between sessions.



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