Sex is natural and pleasure is your birthright.

You are entitled to experience and express your unique sexuality:

Yet so many people feel alone and confused about who they are sexually.

Most of us grew up getting the message that sex is dirty and not something to openly talk about, much less enjoy. 

Sex education was either non-existent or designed scare us. 

Add to that, the media and our culture at large pathologizes any sexual expression that falls outside of what it calls “normal.”

It’s no wonder that you feel bad and are confused about where to get answers.

 The truth is: Shame is the REAL problem, not Sex and NOT YOU.

Being able to fully and freely express your unique sexuality is a fundamental human right. 

The TRUTH is: There is no such thing as "Normal" Sex!

Your body and your bedroom are your business. You get to decide what’s right for you.

By having a safe, nonjudgemental space to finally talk and be heard, you can stop wasting your precious time trying to figure it out on your own and get the right resources, good information and support you need.

Imagine yourself in the not so distant future. There you are with a sex life that is deeply satisfying and fulfilling. How do you feel? Who are you with? What are you doing? Feel into that vision with all of your senses… 

Your vision can be a reality.


Sex/Porn "Addiction"

We can get to the bottom of what's driving certain behaviors and create new, healthy behaviors.

Sexuality Coaching

Get the answers you need, learn new techniques, feel more comfortable in your body and so much more.

Scroll down on this page to learn more about Sex Coaching.

Kink / BDSM

Curious about kink? You can talk freely about your desires and learn how to safely explore Kink and BDSM.

"Julia has a relaxing and calming presence, which makes it easy to talk to her. There’s no one I’d rather trust with my deepest secrets.
Martin M.

Sexuality Coaching Can Help You Finally Have:

Freedom From Shame

You can be free of guilt and shame. By finding new ways to embrace your desires, you can have greater fulfillment and happiness in your intimate life.

Intimacy and Connection

Learn effective communication skills to build and maintain healthy, satisfying relationships with partners based on trust and understanding.

Erotic Empowerment

Personalized guidance and support will help you build confidence in your sexuality by addressing your unique needs and concerns.

Your Sexual Satisfaction Blueprint

Step 1: Book Your Free Consultation

We'll meet on Zoom or a phone call for 30-45 minutes. You can ask or tell me anything and know if sexuality coaching is right for you.

Step 2: Get A Curated Coaching Plan

I will create a coaching plan just for you. You'll have a plan and know what to expect from coaching.

Step 3: Start Feeling Relieved and Confident

Once you've been able to really talk and get the right information, you gain new energy and optimism to live with passion.

Here's What You'll Get

Ready To Get Started?

You are not alone in your quest for freedom and greater pleasure.

We are innately wired to seek connection and intimacy. We are curious and adventurous. We will always get our needs met one way or another! Here are some fun facts ponder:

What does this mean for you?

Exploring sexuality is completely natural and there are infinite ways you can express your sexuality. There is no one size fits all answer. You get to continue learning and making the mystery your own unique expression.


Sharing Your Secret Desires!

By following the tips in this guide, you will be one step closer to having the hot passion and connection you long for.